Masturbation for Women

I understand that for some girls masturbation is a no. I used to think that i should not because it would change how i feel during sexual activities. I get to realize that it doesn’t work like that. The truth is, it is your body and you can do whatever you like with it as long as its healthy. Masturbating doesn’t affect the size of the vagina and for some persons this is the best pleasure they will receive.

Some girls aren’t able to “cum” sexually by having sex with the opposite sex. I guarantee if you masturbate right you will. Feel confident with your body.


Sexual Lifestyle

You may want to know how many times you should have sex out of the day, week, month or even year. The truth is i can;t tell you. What i can tell you that sex is one of the needs of the body. You can have sex any time your body desires. Sex is health and will also be a benefit to you . Sex also helps with stress and hormone problems. Still be careful of the sexual activities that you do .

Denial In Relationships

You may never understand how easy it is to remove yourself from the denial stages or moments with your relationships. You need to come face to face with the problem at hand. Try to understand why you are here in the first place. Is the situation worth being in denial?? Is there any prove to the situation? Wait… Do you even understand the situation? When you put all the information you have gathered on the table. Evaluate it, learn to think through things properly. You can focus on percentage of the reality then if it is 51% real, you need to move on the acceptance stage.